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Untitled (playback), 2023

Moving head (spotlight), PVC vinyl, and chain

Dimensions variable

kantardzic, ena kantardzic

In my queer spacetime, in my hopes and dreams, the performance object is performing. The spotlight is rendered an actor, brought out from the unseen darkness of the rafters to center-stage. The stage is monumental and reimagined. The performance never ends, lingering and not disappearing. This ephemeral nature of the stage expands knowledge of materiality, following traces and glimmers, residues and specks–a kind of evidence of what has transpired but certainly not the thing itself and yet a thing on its own. The symbols shed their role of pure representation and take on their own stories, abstracting their material function. Acts, not identity, become the demarcation of the queer spacetime. Spacetime tells matter how to move, while matter tells spacetime how to curve.

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