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Untitled (Fence), 2021

Utility board, paint, soil, shovel, hill

Dimensions variable

Untitled (Fence) is a re-appropriation of the war monuments and cemeteries that exist in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. There are thirty-four pickets, disjointed, one for every immigrant I grew up with. The utility board was prepared in Boston, MA and brought to Pownal, VT—to a place I had never been before, per chance.

From my journals:

a white fence is a border, it is a demarcation. it is symbolic of theft and yet also of security. it is a land conquered, it is home sweet home. it is a gravestone, it is a monument. they are obelisks. it is people--it is weather and it is natural. we run away and put up walls, and others make the grave the monument. we are stronger together. dead alone. dead together. all for one, one for all.


the dirt, the fence, the worms, the shovel, the wind, and the sun: untitled (fence), born of blood, of flight, of metal, of money

Ena Kantardzic
Ena Kantardzic
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