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Untitled (tethered disavowal), 2023

Inkjet on paper, steel, and aluminum

Dimensions variable

ena kantardzic
ena kantardzic

While in residence at the Footnote Centre for Image and Text in Belgrade, Serbia, I compiled a booklet of documentation of the installation entitled structure of disavowal. The project took place in Derventa, Bosnia and Herzegovina as a correspondence with the landscape, alongside the river Ukrina. 


Ukrina is a tributary of the river Sava. Sava is a tributary of the Danube. Like the rivers, the project is a tribute to heritage; like the installation, the publication is an offering onto itself: a spilling into, a confluence of material into image, composed in the city where Sava ends.


The cable was woven from stainless steel wire with two drills. The bracket was cut, buffed, and polished with an angle grinder. The bolt was sanded down with a dremal. The aluminum sleeves were hand sawed and crimped. 

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