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structure of disavowal, 2023

Polyester-blend fabric, shovel, cow leg, pig feet, miscellaneous bones, soil, sweat, blood, hammer, river, nails, and animals

Dimensions variable

ena kantardzic
ena kantardzic

I promise I'll write something about this soon. It's been a bit hard. I can tell you, though, that it was supported by the Robert C. Larson Venture Award. I can tell you that there were supposed to be stray dogs in the "work", that this was an intended stage of performance for them. But the city got rid of them. I did this in Derventa, Republika Srpska, Bosnia-Herzegovina, downstream of the city's factory district. I mean, something definitely came.

Maybe come back later to read about this... Check out Untitled (tethered disavowal) in the meantime.

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