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structure of disavowal, 2023

Polyester-blend fabric, shovel, cow leg, pig feet, miscellaneous bones, soil, sweat, blood, hammer, river, nails, and animals

Dimensions variable

ena kantardzic
ena kantardzic

Installed in Derventa, Bosnia-Herzegovina, in the city that I am from but never lived, alongside the river Ukrina. This city was a war-zone that become part of Republika Srpska. structure of disavowal is a small gesture to lives of the displaced. Inspired by the stray dogs that grew in population due to the war and their own current cleansing, I dug 10 holes and filled them with meat and bones. 

The fabric is stretched and nailed into the soil. The animals were invited to dig and make their own mark on the red and bloodied path.


The documentation was used for a publication/sculpture: Untitled (tethered disavowal).

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