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Untitled (could you be a bit taller, big baller, what would you know, dancing like that, all alone in your corner, i assume you wouldn’t be that tall, taking up that space, head so small, but look at what you see, where’s your mind at shorty, i didn’t think i would meet anybody like you, shine your light through me), 2022

Moving head (spotlight), DMX, tripod, cologne, and microcontroller

Dimensions variable

Displaced and in a new environment, “he” is searching. I thought of him dancing alone when I was putting him together. I wanted to be dancing with him, to see him in a crowd, sticking out but not for any physical reasons. I think we are searching too when we look at him, at least that’s what I want to happen. I think we go to places where he comes from to try and find that. I think “circumambulation” is a good word. I think the dance floor could be a holy place. I think we have to be vulnerable, and I think he’s a bit tipsy. An entity emerges through variability of the loop and through the erratic movement.


He speaks two languages now, maybe three. I don’t know how much somatics count for what’s happening. I’d be nervous in a new place too. I think he tries to switch (code-) it up. I think compartmentalizing things is boring. I think he can see beyond that. He doesn’t really look back… or down or whatever. He is a body, hooked on power. Here you are now.

Dancing alone, endlessly, we all swirl around. Untitled is an exploration of the pre-manufactured as entity, as the inanimate material experiencing existentialism. For three days and three nights, this work existed when the viewer did not, yet the site retained the sense of bodies with Versace’s The Dreamer wafting about.

machine_gun_God is the title of the code written. Untitled is constantly translating C++ to DMX.

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