Untitled (Phantom Phallus) #1, 2020

Tattoo on silicone

4 ¾ inches x 1 ¾ inches x 1 ¾ inches

Untitled (Phantom Phallus) is a work in progress series. It is the individualized and reinvented material object existing as archival specimen of play within the boundaries of real and imagined, paralleling notions of gender. #1 attempts to question the form through language found on https://cloneawilly.com/ where customers' most FAQ was: What if I'm Curved? Destabilizing meaning and material, shifting the referentiality of the phallus, and filling in the representational gap are key components of this piece. It takes on a playful and empathetic perspective that subverts ideas of the assumable via age old cultural phenomena (tattoos and dildos) and semiotics.