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accumulation by dispossession, 2023

Robot arm, PVC vinyl, and steel

Dimensions variable

A “black box” as a technological metaphor means that there are observable inputs and outputs, but unseen inner workings: how it works is mysterious to the user. 


“Accumulation” comes from Latin ad- (to/towards) and PIE *keue- (to swell (also vault/hole)). “Dispossession” is from Latin dis- (apart/away), PIE *poti- (powerful/lord) and *sed- (to sit). More and more, I feel the enclosure. There is an absence of a shared world marked by extreme subjectivity of experience.


I am stretching a plane, using tension via the borders of the space. The de-accelerated steppers echo and hum, creating a meditative composition as a result of the looping and un-variable choreography. The robot arm doesn’t have a hand. Mutilation of one’s hand usually is a punishment for theft. This began as a formal study to bridge my natural work with my machinic work, by using the method of covering the robot like I might cover organic materials (meat, bones, seeds). 

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